When visitors step into your office, their first impressions matter. What’s just as—if not more—important is how your employees feel in their space every day at work. There’s one factor that impacts a work environment more than you might expect: clean carpets.

Recent studies reveal a previously overlooked fact—the atmosphere of an office significantly impacts employee productivity, creativity, health, and wellbeing. Clean carpets are a simple yet vital part of creating this type of work environment.


Work Environment And Employee Health

The average person will end up spending about one-third of their lifetime—or roughly 90,00 hours—working. If we’re going to spend such a significant chunk of our time an office environment, shouldn’t it be one that doesn’t pose risks but instead promotes overall health?

According to several recent studies, when business owners focus on a healthy environment for their employees, happiness, health, and creativity skyrocket. So how can you achieve this type of an environment in your office space, especially during cold winter months when so many hours are spent indoors?

A healthy indoor atmosphere is one free from allergens that are easily transferred and inhaled throughout the day. These contaminants are most concentrated in—you guessed it—carpet fibers. This is why routine commercial carpet cleaning is crucial in order to remove harmful allergens.


A Clean Office Boosts Productivity

So what’s the result of healthier employees? Higher quality work powered by increased creativity.

Its true—studies show that employees work more effectively in a positive environment, including clean work areas and thoughtful designs.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money or completely remodel your office in order to achieve the results you’d like to see from your employees. But it does mean that a positive work environment that’s clean and healthy can help make your employees happier at work—meaning they’re more likely to put in the quality effort and collaborate more effectively with each other.

One of the most simple ways to keep the minds of your employees clear and focused—thus boosting creativity and productivity—is through clean workspaces, including regular carpet cleaning.


Employees Will Meet The Standard You Set

Employees tend to follow suit with the standards and expectations set within their company. When they see your effort to maintain a clean office and care for their workspaces, they’re more likely to do the same.

If floors and other spaces are routinely cleaned in an office, employees will tend to maintain that level of cleanliness and organization in other ways as well.

Keeping carpets clean, stain-free, and in good condition sets a standard in an office environment and helps employees take pride and ownership over the office where they spend so much of their time.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Your Office

Cleaning the carpets in your office seems like a simple task, but it can have significant positive results on the health, creativity, and happiness of your employees. This positive impact on employees can also bring better results to your business.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a win for both business owners and their employees. And the best part, by taking advantage of professional carpet cleaning services, this won’t have to get in the way of your long list of responsibilities.

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