So you just moved into your brand new home. Whether you build, or bought it used, you may wonder how clean, or dirty your carpets may be. Then you wonder, I just moved in, do I need to clean my carpets? Do I trust that the previous home owner cleaned them? Did the contractor clean my carpets? These are all really good questions.

Want the answer to whether or not you should clean your carpets upon moving into your new home? The answer is yes! Here’s why:

When will you have the chance to clean the carpets without having to move furniture again? This may be the only time that your house is completely empty of furniture, so there’s no better time to clean your carpets. Otherwise, you’ll have to move your furniture all around, or sacrifice being able to clean the carpeting under large furniture (where stains and smells can linger). Take advantage of this opportunity!

You may not know what the last owner left behind. Did the last owner have pets that had accidents on the floor? Maybe they had five kids that tracked in dirt and other outdoor allergens inside on the daily. You don’t know what the last owner did to your carpets, so it’s best to be safe and get them clean. We don’t want to leave any room for those dust and odors in your new home.

If your house is brand new, construction can leave your carpets filthy. If you just built a new house, you might think your carpets are fine. Construction can take toll on your carpets even before you’ve moved in. Dust settles into the carpets almost undetected. Workers may not take of their dirty boots before walking on the carpet leaving them dirty.

Start your new home on a fresh foot. There is just something that feels good about freshly clean carpets. You should start your new home off on a good foot by making sure it’s clean and fresh for you and your family when you move in.

While the idea of adding one more thing to the list of moving into your new home, it may just be the easiest thing you do.  Hiring a professional carpet cleaner, such as Chem-Dry of the Twin Ports can take the stress off of you and give you more time to settle into your home.  You can have confidence that you are getting the deepest clean provided by a carpet cleaner.  A clean home begins with fresh, clean carpets and floors and a professional cleaning is just the thing to get your home in great shape. Start your life in your new home with clean, fresh carpets!